WST own 1000 tons, 1800 tons, 4500 tons High Speed Forging Press, which are capable of coverting titanium ingots to various size and configuration titanium billets including block, ring, disc, slab and big bars etc. The final products are mainly used in domestic aviation, aerospace, marine industries and international aerospace, automotive industries.

Our advanges on the forging as follows:

  • 1000 tons, 1800 tons, 4500 tons advanced High Speed Forging Press unit are able to effectively reduce the difference brought by artificial operation compare to manual operation, ensuring product batch stability. The complete forging press system effectively assure forging production with various size products.

  • Owing a technical and R&D team consisting of doctor and master, guarantee various titanium products with various alloy, size and application has its own production technology. At the same time, production operators are of rich experence and ensure microstructure uniformity and production stability of superior quality products. 

  • WST can manufacture Ti-6Al-4V billet in size of dia.650mm with 4500kg of single weight, which microsturcture, mechanical properties and ultrasonic test can achieve standard requirement of dia.300mm billet. 

  • Passing through Nadcap certificates of NonDestructive Testing and Heat Treating, WST can supply titanium billets with various heat treatement system like annealing, solution treat  aging (STA) and solution treat precipitation etc..

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