MgB₂ superconducting wire
MgB₂ superconducting wire
In January 2001, it was announced that MgB2, a compound that was well known to chemists, was superconducting up to 39K. Tc values suggest that MgB2 can be used with a convenient cryocooler as a conductor for a cryogen free magnet at elevated temperatures of ~20K. Potential applications for the MgB2 superconducting wire include MRI systems, superconducting FCLs, transformers, inductors, reactors, motors, and generators. Of these, the most promising applications are projected to be MRI systems, superconducting FCLs, and wind turbine generators.

2 kilometers MgB2 wires have been successfully produced by scale fabrication technique at WST, which are with a Jc of 43000 A/cm2 (±5%)  at 20 K and

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